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Making a Joyful Noise with a Nostalgic

and International Flair!

 Melanie and The  Lost Vaqueros is a Philadelphia band formed in 2017.  The band plays a variety of older international tunes, standards, and original material. The international theme and the band not taking it’s self too seriously prompted the bilingual name: Vaqueros means Cowboys in Spanish. Fully translated as Melanie and The Lost Cowboys. Melanie and The Lost Vaqueros won the People’s Choice award in 2019 at The Folk Factory in Philadelphia. The band has played at local cafes, The Folk Factory, for International Women’s Day at the Mt. Airy Art Garage (2020), several different gigs for The non-profit, The New Foundation, benefiting people with disabilities. The band has signed on with Gaslight Productions, to perform in long term care facilities.and Memory Care Units. We are excited beyond belief with our new collaboration with Mt.Airy Moving Arts (MAAG) starting the 2nd Tuesday in April 2023!

Meet the Band

Melanie Jones - Lead Vocals, Piano, Original Compositions (Click Image For Bio)

Don Garfinkel- Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica, Original Compositions (Click Image For Bio)

Jan Alba - Flute, Wind Synthesizer, Vocals (Click Image For Bio)

Barry Bell - Percussion, Vocals (Click Image For Bio)

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